Featured videos produced by Melanie Gonzalez ART:

New improvisational piece directed by Melanie Gonzalez featuring movement artist & choreographer Stephanie Hewett whilst in Oakland, California.

Beautiful collaboration of 2 Bronx - raised artists exercising the crafts of analog photography, dance art film, and free-form movement. Subscribe to Melanie Gonzalez ART on YouTube for videos like this + more art content.

Occurrence Photo/Video Series

Teaser: YEMAYA at One Step Beyond, 2017
American Museum of Natural History

Slumber Party (Cover), for SkittlezMusicTV, 2017
Music video

Marieta & Dreams Come True (Live @ Nublu, NYC), 2016
Live Performance

90 Second Docs, 2015
Ongoing short docu-series

Letters to Armando - Alba, 2014
Art film

Who's Fault? EVE'S FAULT! (Official Profile Video)2015
Profile piece

Occurrence (Schaefer St), 2014
Art film

Shit Spanish Girls Say, 2012
Sketch comedy series

Occurrence: Stephanie Hewett @ Coliseum Industrial, Oakland, CA, 2017
Art film

Community Action Day: I am Present, 2017
BxArts Factory

Dada Coz's Cabaret Performance, 2016
Live performance

Brand New Heavy Teaser (Live @ Nublu, NYC)2016
Live performance

Goodness Graceous!, 2015
Art film

#SELFiE (Parody)2014
Music video

BXArts Factory: An Introduction, 2015
Profile piece

Occurrence (flux), 2014
Art film