Discount Saints, 2015

Discount Saints was exhibited at Medianoche New Media Gallery & Digital Film Studio in 2015. Inspired by gold jewelry, hair rollers and religious iconography, I created the multi-media art project which is a collection of saintly portraits and short video portraits of contemporized Catholic Saints. Discount Saints encompasses my appreciation for classical biblical paintings and identification with contemporary black and Latino culture in New York. 

In 2014 the first seed was planted when I set-up a studio portrait dressed as La Virgen Maria, in this case, what became to be “Ghetto Mary”; a classicly lit composition of the virgin modernized into a timeless Hispanic mother figure from New York City, namely, The Bronx. I use St. Mary to spearhead the series and create a modernized biblical narrative with a female protagonist who is strong and confident but still a product of her environment. She mourns for her son Papi Jesús, who is also photographed in a video recreation of Pieta and in another endless loop applies layers of red lipstick in her bedroom. From there I spent the year and a half producing shoots to create Papi Jesús, Mary Magdalene, St. Elizabeth, St. Peter & Pontius Pilate. Eight video projections of famous biblical scenes like the Last Supper and a live recreation of the Pietá scene are included with domestic scenes of Ghetto Mary applying makeup and gazing out her apartment window. The final piece in the project is the Doorknocker Altar Cross, a 4 foot sculpture entirely composed of bamboo earrings and hair roller pins. 

What I aim to do with Discount Saints is develop my interpretation of what these Catholic saints would look like in a world set in today’s South Bronx. They are the “discount store” versions of the saints, as implied from the title, a meshing of high Renaissance art and garish street styles.




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