YEMAYA: "We Are Here Because You Were There", Activation at One Step Beyond at AMNH

#EATPRAYLIT - Jeja's 30th Birthday

Young Fellaz Brass Band / Frenchmen St, New Orleans, LA

OCCURRENCE: Stephanie Hewett at Coliseum Industrial, Oakland, CA (Mesmerized - Faith Evans)

Innuendos: An Art Exhibition of 10 Bronxite Women

PSWITCH - "Brand New Heavy" Teaser (Live @ Nublu, NYC)

Who's Fault? EVE'S FAULT! (Official Profile Video)

PSWITCH - "Marieta" & "Dreams Come True" (Live @ Nublu, NYC)

Slumber Party (Cover) - SkittLeZ feat. Jarrid Jones

Goodness Graceous! An Art + Film Experience by Melanie Gonzalez & Nia Fields

PSWITCH - "McBaller'" Teaser (Live @ Nublu, NYC)

Letters to Armando - Alba

BX Arts Factory: An Introduction

Shit Spanish Girls Say

Dada Coz Cabaret Performance (Pocion Lounge, NYC, 10/16)

#SELFiE (Parody)

Occurrence (Schaefer St) dir. by Melanie Gonzalez ART

P.O.W. - How Will I Know (Blankets & Covers Part 1/2)

Occurrence (flux) dir. by Melanie Gonzalez ART

Why do we need your help?

P.O.W. - Say Something (Blankets & Covers Part 2/2)

Inside Out- Britney Spears

Visiting Kara Walker Exhibit @ the Domino Sugar Factory Vlog

Freestyle with Daniel