Melanie Gonzalez is a Bronx-based art photographer and videographer. She is the creative director and producer of Melanie Gonzalez ART, which produces photo and video works. Her solo exhibition Discount Saints was recently exhibited at MediaNoche New Media Gallery & Digital Film Studio in Spanish Harlem from November 20th, 2015 to January 30th, 2016. Discount Saints is a multi-media art project with photography, video and sculpture depicting contemporized Catholic Saints set in the South Bronx.

Melanie’s photography has a concentration on portraiture with an editorial aesthetic. Her self-portrait works; among them her series Letters to Armando, Gonzalez’s first solo exhibition, was presented in June 2014 at B.C.A.D. Art Gallery. In May 2015, she produced a photo series and short art film called Goodness Graceous!; which was exhibited at the Andrew Freedman Home. Goodness Graceous! has gone on tour and has since been presented at a group show at Greenpoint Gallery and at the 2015 Bushwick Film Festival as the featured visual artist. Her digital works have also been featured at places such as Mosaic Gallery, The Werehouse and Make the Road NY. She is also a recent recipient of the 2015 Arts Fund Grant awarded by the Bronx Council of the Arts.

 As an actor and director she can be seen in the YouTube hit S*** Spanish Girls Say videos (a three-part series which has cultivated over 8 million views). She directed various small-screen music videos & YouTube video projects. She was featured in two Italian theater productions with Teatromania. 

 Melanie’s mission as a New York based artist is to mesh the worlds of fine art and street style into her photographs, videos, or spaces.